Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Transport Your Surfboard Safely with Truck Accessories


Transporting one's surfboard is a significant aspect of surfing that sometimes gets overlooked. Most surfboard dings occur while you are transporting your surfboard. While surfboards are designed to withstand massive 20-foot sets, the slightest knock of the car door can cause a severe ding that will expose the inner foam to water damage. Here are some truck accessories that will aid you in transporting your board.

1. Surfboard Racks

Properly transporting your boards to the beach requires a surfboard rack system. Invest in a soft rack that will attach to the bed of the truck.

2. Tailgate Pad

Transporting stand-up paddle boards and long boards take a little more effort. A tailgate pad will keep the tailgate and surfboard from getting dinged, scratched and covered in wax. Place the tail diagonally into the bed of the truck with the fin pointed toward the sky. The bottom half of the long board is heavier than the top and should be placed inside the bed. This will prevent the board from falling out or bouncing around in the truck. The tailgate pad has a strap that clasps so be sure to fit it tightly around the board.

3. Bungee Cord

It sounds like a little thing, but for added protection, wrap the bungee cord around the board and attach it to the hooks that are inside the truck bed.

Truck accessories in San Diego will help protect your board from pesky dings while traveling to and from the beach. Please visit our website for additional information.

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