Thursday, 13 August 2015

A Camper Shell for Your Wilderness Adventure


Hunting in the mountains chasing deer and elk can be an exhilarating adventure, but when nightfall comes, it’s not so exhilarating. The temperatures drop dramatically, and night can be very cold and uncomfortable. That’s why considering a camper shell for your next wilderness excursion is a great idea.

Camping in a truck camper is very different from camping under the stars or in a tent, and once you have experienced a couple of nights in a camper, you might never go back to a tent. Campers come with real beds, a small shower, and heat!  While others are shivering in their tents, you can be tucked in warm and tight every night.

Truck campers are very versatile. You can drive your truck everyday for transportation and then load the camper onto the truck for your weekend getaway. If the truck is four-wheel drive, you can go anywhere with your camper and not be afraid of getting stuck.

Loading the camper in the past was a major exercise, but today’s campers rise up with just the push of a button. Additionally, the truck’s trailer hitch is available for your ATVs. You can unload your camper onto the campsite as easily as it was put on the truck. Then take your ATVs for a ride or even go into town. The camper in the campsite is like a travel trailer without wheels.

Today’s camper shells offer every convenience. They are equipped with a satellite dish, microwave, TV, and generator. One of the greatest things about the truck camper is the ease with which you can go on your adventure. Once you organize your camper, you can leave it that way. For example, a set of normal bed sheets is needed for bedding. Add in some towels and inexpensive dishes, silverware and pots and pans. Equip the camper with staples like paper towels, toilet paper, dish detergent and soap. Then when it is time to go, put food in the refrigerator, rinse and fill the water tank and make sure the propane tanks are full. It’s as easy as that. When you come home, wash everything and put it back, and you are ready for your next great adventure.

The safety a camper provides out in the wild cannot be overstated. The camper protects you much better from the wild animals that might wander into camp than does a tent. You are also protected from anything Mother Nature might throw at you like wind, rain or snow. Please visit our website for more information on camper shells in Murrieta.

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