Monday, 7 September 2015

Why a Truck Camper Shell Is a Good Investment

You already know your pickup truck is useful and versatile—that’s why you got it. Having an open bed, however, can take away from the truck’s utility and versatility. You can restore those qualities by getting a camper shell. You may hear advice against doing so, but the reality is that a truck camper shell is a good investment.

The most obvious benefit of a camper shell is the protection it provides. It keeps your cargo warm, dry, and free of damage in poor weather conditions. It prevents your stuff from flying out of the bed as you drive so you don’t have to waste money on replacements. Note that a fiberglass shell is the most durable, and therefore most cost-effective, option to choose.

Being able to store items in the back also keeps your cab clean. Although a shell isn’t a guarantee that a determined thief won’t steal your property, it still offers better security and deterrence than having nothing. The covered bed also provides a shelter when you need a place to sleep while hunting or when in a pinch. Overall, it gives you the feeling of having both an SUV and a pickuptruck at the same time.

Some complain about the disadvantages, but these are all easily fixable. One frequent con people bring up is the inability to haul tall or bulky items. Camper shells come in various heights, and even if you can’t find one high enough for you, consider if it really is necessary. If you rarely transport large things, then it’s not a big inconvenience to take the shell off for one trip every now and then. In this case, the pros outweigh the con.

Another common complaint is the inconvenience of retrieving cargo that has shifted near the cab. Easy solutions include installing a partition to prevent movement, using a full-length shelf on rollers for easy access, reaching with a long tool, and putting down carpet in the bed for comfort if you have to crawl in. It’s also possible to access a high bed tool box through the side windows.

One other negative shared is how hot it gets inside for dogs riding in the back. Simply open the side windows to bring in a breeze and allow your dog’s head to stick out. Another idea is to install a sliding glass window toward the cab for cool air to flow into the back as needed.

There is no good reason not to get a truck camper shell. The protection and value it gives you are undeniable, and its disadvantages are minor and resolvable. For more information about camper service in Santa Cruz, Please visit this website.

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