Wednesday, 16 September 2015

4 Tips to Keep Your Cars Scratch and Scuff Free!

1. Wash your car regularly.

Believe it or not, it’s best to not only wash your car regularly to remove dirt which can cause scratching, but also wash it by hand. Car washes often cause micro scratches, which over time dull a car’s finish. Make sure you rinse once before you wash your car to remove any large particles of dirt, and use a grout sponge to minimize scratching. Blow drying is important; many people use a leaf blower to dry their cars. It eliminates water spots and prevents scratching from cloths, which may get dirt embedded in them over time.

2. Wax 1-2 times per year.

Waxing is imperative to keep the finish on your car protected. It fills in microscratches and keeps them from deteriorating even further. Paint sealant is even better, as it lasts for 6 months and provides even more protection than wax.

3. Repair chips and scratches before they start to rust.

If you do get a scratch or chip on your car, it’s imperative to have it repaired immediately. Otherwise, the chip or scratch could start to rust and deteriorate and get even bigger. You can do it yourself with touch-up paint; most dealers provide a small vial of this with any car purchase. If you’re not comfortable with that option, most body shops can match any paint job and cover it up with a very professional finish.

4. Park Indoors.

Sun and weather elements cause the biggest harm to paint exterior. Park your car indoors whenever possible to protect it.

There are many things that can help protect your car finish from harm. But if the worst happens and you do end up with exterior scratches or scuffs, you can visit this website to find more about car scratch repair in Clayton.

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