Tuesday, 15 September 2015

What Is the Best Option for Protecting Your Truck’s bed?

Your truck is a tough machine ready to chew up any challenge you throw at it. But that doesn’t mean you don’t want to maintain your pickup’s great appearance at the same time. One of the most used – and, at times, abused – parts of your truck is its bed. When it comes to protecting the bed of your truck, you have two main options: a plastic bed liner or a spray-in liner.

Plastic Bed Liner

Custom molded for your truck, these liners drop into your truck’s bed to offer extra protection against scratches and dents. A popular option, bed liners are simple to install and require little to no prep work or drilling. Drop-in bed liners instantly improve the appearance of trucks by covering existing damage. They also are easy to replace and often a less expensive option compared to a spray-in liner. Keep in mind, though, that plastic liners may trap water and lead to rusting, come loose over time or produce noise at higher driving speeds. 

Spray-In Liner

As the name indicates, this kind of liner is a coating that is sprayed into the bed of your truck. Rugged and durable, spray-in liners offer superior protection against damage that can result from hauling rock, gravel and heavy equipment. Spray-in liners are long-lasting, water tight and may even reduce road noise from the bed. Also a variety of textures are available to suit your needs. Drawbacks of spray-in liners include that they stain easily are permanent and not replaceable and installation requires that factory paint be removed.

Ultimately, the material you choose to protect your truck’s bed depends on how you use your truck. Go to this website for more information about permanent spray liner in Murrieta.

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