Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Truck Shell Accessories that Create Tons of Storage Space

A truck shell is a great option for converting the bed of your truck into a small camper or a secure, weatherproof place to stow cargo. You can get even more out of your truck shell with a whole host of accessories that maximize storage space. Before you purchase your truck shell, consider incorporating some of these popular storage accessories.

Hidden Storage

It goes by different names depending on the manufacturer. But this storage system raises the deck of your truck bed, creating a secure, hidden storage space – often incorporating pullout drawers – under the deck while allowing you to still use the bed for cargo.

Overhead Lockbox

Taking advantage of the often-wasted headroom within your truck shell, locking overhead storage boxes provide a safe place for valuables. The size of the overhead storage box depends on the size and style of your truck shell.

Cargo Net

Another option for making the most out of overhead space, a storage net affixed to the ceiling of your truck shell provides a place to quickly stow a variety of gear. Overhead nets offer the advantage of making it easy to keep your truck’s bed uncluttered while keeping items accessible.

Custom Storage

Whether you’re an avid angler or you use your truck for cross-country travel, there are a variety of storage options available to you, such as fishing rod holders and clothes hangars. If there is a specific function that you’re interested in, chances are a manufacturer can add it to your truck shell.

When it comes to storage in your truck shell, the sky’s the limit. Get the most out of your shell by exploring all of your options. Go to this website for more information about branded truck shells in San Diego.

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