Monday, 7 September 2015

Tips for Getting Your RV Repaired Without Getting Scammed


Even if you are an experienced RV user, you're probably not an expert on the mechanics of your recreational vehicle. The last thing you want to happen when you take it in for a repair is to get scammed. Next time your RV needs to be fixed, remember these tips to prevent being taken advantage of.
  • Avoid getting repairs at highway service stations or other isolated places.
  • Look for warning signs of shady businesses, such as a messy shop or unprofessional employees who avoid answering your questions.
  • If you have service center options, get multiple opinions and quotes before going ahead with repairs at any place.
  • Get written repair estimates to avoid an unreasonably inflated price when you pick up your RV.
  • Do your research. Read online reviews and BBB reports of shops you are considering to ensure they are honest. Better yet, before you even get on the road, be prepared by finding highly recommended service centers at and on the way to your destination.
  • Ask if the work is guaranteed and get it in writing. Also ask if they honor manufacturer and extended warranties.
  • Get to know your RV by learning the basics of its mechanics and maintenance. The biggest reason why people get scammed is that they don’t understand the technical side of their vehicles.
With these tips in mind, you will be prepared next time your RV needs to be repaired. Remember, though, that most places are honest so no need to be pessimistic. To find a reputable RV repair center in Watsonville, visit this website.

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