Tuesday, 22 September 2015

5 Tips to Follow for Avoiding Frequent Camper Repair


Owning a recreational vehicle can be your ticket to spending less at restaurants and hotels and enjoying more time and freedom on the road. But when your camper ends up in the shop, repairs are often costly. Here are a few tips for keeping your RV in tip-top shape.

Follow Manufacturer Guidelines

There’s simply no substitute for owning and reading the manufacturer’s manual. Follow the recommended maintenance for long life and optimum resale value should you decide to sell later. When issues occur, check the manual for troubleshooting information before picking up a wrench.

Do Internet Research on Your Specific Model

Researching your camper online will likely uncover various repair anecdotes. Knowing what to expect can help you to plan ahead, or not make the same mistakes as others. It can also alert you to potential factory recalls that you may not have known about otherwise.

Clean, Clean, Clean

When you take great care of your vehicle, you’re going to be the first to notice when something needs attention. While doing things like scrubbing corrosion off battery terminals or washing brake dust off wheels, you’re not only improving function, but you’re also getting up close and personal with parts of your vehicle that you wouldn’t otherwise notice.

Hold a Family Pow-Wow

Be sure that all in your travel party take pride in your recreational vehicle. Review safety information and ensure that everyone is on-board with taking great care of their home-on-wheels.

Choose a Reputable Service Center

Enjoy the peace of mind that comes from having a shop that you can call or visit anytime you have a question, concern or need for repair. Ask neighbors or friends for a recommendation if you don’t already have a favorite garage.

Taking care of your RV results in more time on the road and less money spent in the repair shop. If you’re looking for camper service in Watsonville, visit this website.

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